Light Rails

Light rail signalling systems

Design and construction of complete electronic light rail signalling system.

Rosenfelt & West Engineering A/S (RWE) offers modern, radio controlled light rail signalling systems.

We are qualified and experienced in design, validation, consulting service as well as supervising light rails. We also offer a modern, competitive, radio controlled light rail signal system.

We cover all stages of your project: Sales, design, validation, supervision, installation, commissioning - through to delivery of the complete system, ready for use.

  • Full electronic radio and balise controlled signal systems with ATP
  • Working at speeds up to 100 km/h
  • Approved according to CENELEC / EN50xxx. Security level up to SIL 4
  • Supply of on board equipment, remote control and interlocking systems

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Rosenfelt & West Engineering A/S has since 1995 been ISO-certified according to DS/EN 9001:2008.

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