RWE Pole - Safety first


RWE Pole - Safety first

Rosenfelt & West Engineering has developed a new and price competitive road signal pole, RWE Pole, to replace older types in the future. 

The RWE Pole is designed to be just as safe as the older ones. Should an accident occur and a vehicle runs into the pole, it will give in and absorb the collision and hereby protect the driver and bystanders on the road. 

In addition to being designed to give in after impact. It is also designed with compatibility and simplicity in the mindset. This means that the pole is compatible with most spare parts from the previous poles, which means replacing from previous pole to new one will be a small cost, as there is no need for replacement spare parts in the warehouse. In addition, it is easier to get to the different parts the mast consists of and will make maintenance faster and easier. 

RWE Pole will be fitted with RWE electronical bell. The sound waves are directional specific and self regulating. Which will lead to minimum noise to the surrounding areas.

For more information on the new RWE Pole click here.

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