Visit from Latvia


Visit from Latvia


IMG 3425 CLPicture: From the left Einars Jaunzems technical director at EDZL and Peter Boje CEO at RWE.

On a sunny day in the open fields close to Køge, a pedestrian level crossing welcomes pedestrians safely over the local railroad tracks. This pedestrian level crossing is special because of its safety solution and hence the reason that Rosenfelt & West Engineering (RWE) choose to invite Latvian Rail Baltica officials, together with the Danish Embassy in Riga and other companies, out to the middle of nowhere to experience the level crossing at site. 

The visit occurred on the 29th of August 2017 and approximately 15 people attended the visit. The visit was arranged by The Danish Embassy in Riga in cooperation with The Danish Transport Ministry.
RWE's CEO Peter Boje was on site and gave the visitors a brief presentation of the system running the pedestrian level crossing.             

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The pedestrian level crossing is based on Siemens safe mode PLC with safety integrated in the ignition plug. The solution was simple: Incoming trains are detected with three inductive sensors. Obviously, three sensors instead of only one are installed for safety reasons. Should one sensor fail then the two remaining sensors will still detect the incoming train and warn pedestrians of the incoming train. If one sensor fails, the system will send a message to the operating authority and the problem will be fixed. The warning system is based on LED-signals and the RWE Electronic Bell for optimal warning for pedestrians. The electronic bell is sound directional meaning it disturbs the local neighbours and the wild life at a minimal level. The RWE Electronic Bell is as well background-noise adaptable so if the surrounding area is quiet the electronic bell will adjust its sound levels accordingly.

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Back in May, RWE attended the Rail Baltica Global Forum 2017 in Riga, Latvia. At the forum RWE were informed that Rail Baltica were looking into different alternatives for their pedestrian level crossings which caught RWE’s attention and soon after an invitation was sent.
Moreover, after the visit at the pedestrain level crossing the delegation and RWEs representatives went on to other railroad sites and ended the day with a dinner in Copenhagen.

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