Rosenfelt & West Engineering present at Rail Baltica Global Forum 2017


Rosenfelt & West Engineering present at Rail Baltica Global Forum 2017

On the 25th of April Rosenfelt & West Enegineering (RWE) was present at the Industry Suppliers'  Day  of  Rail Baltica  Global  Forum 2017  in Riga, where they displayed new products to 200 other companies.

An exciting event was set up regarding a 800 km double-tracked railway from Warsaw through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia going on too Finland. A project with an estimated cost of € 5.8 billion.

RWE attended with their own stand with products for level-crossings, depots and their own products, which were very well received. Attention was paid to RWE's ability to make train-driver driven contorl-systems for depots, shunting areas and cargo areas. RWE also presented their new safety barriers and mobile level-crossings. Both of which raised great interrest.


Contrary to passenger transport in Denmark, freight transport is the bulk of the eligibility for Baltic railways. For RWE, freight transport brings new challenges and many new opportunities. A particular challenge is that the new railway is made with a 1535 mm rail gauge while the old east west railways have a 1520 mm gauge.

We would like to thank the Danish ambassadors and embassies in the three baltic countries for their help with this event. Help we are very grateful for.

Tre Herrer

From the left: Hugin Brend Bech - Sales & Marketing, Peter Boje - CEO, Steen Eriksen - Development Manager.

Steen Eriksen og Hans Brask

From the left: Steen Eriksen - Development manager, Hans Brask - Danish Ambassador in Latvia.

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