News from Rosenfelt & West Engineering at Rail CPH 2018


News from Rosenfelt & West Engineering at Rail CPH 2018

Rosenfelt & West Engineering A/S is looking forward to presenting several new and exciting products at this year's Rail CPH exhibition in Tivoli Hotel on May 14th.

- We are looking forward to this year's Rail CPH exhibition, this year we will present several new products, which we are looking forward to show at stand 12. We have developed a new safety barrier. We have become exclusive distributors of lighting from Holophane in Denmark, which means that we can now also offer unique and complete lighting solutions, says CEO Peter Boje.

New safety barrier

The new safety barrier from RWE has the special feature that it disassembles at collision. This means that personal injury during a collision will be as minimal as possible. The safety boom can then be quickly reinstalled, which minimizes the cost of spare parts etc. The safety barrier also does not have the traditional wire pull, which in particular poses a danger to motorcyclists.

Unique lighting solutions

- As something completely new, we can present lighting solutions from Holophane. These are environmentally friendly quality fittings for depots, workshops, outdoor areas, parking spaces, airport areas etc. All luminaires can be equipped with wireless configuration options that also enable savings in relation to energy consumption, says Peter Boje and adds:

- We will bring several types of luminaires to our stand this year.

Meet Rosenfelt & West Engineering at stand 12

RWE can present even more product news at this year's fair, among other things. panels from BODAN. The panels are used as coverings in crossings, depots and transitions in Denmark and Sweden:

- At our stand this year, we can demonstrate the good properties of the product and explain all the advantages of this type of panel. The panels differ, among other things from other products by just supporting on the foot of the rail, which alone will be some rubber bushings that will be worn, says Peter Boje, who at the fair this year can also celebrate that RWE this year has 20 years anniversary at the BUES 2000 level crossing system:

- Since 1998, RWE has delivered over 300 BUES 2000 crossings. The system has shown excellent operational stability, and we feel very confident that the system will also be operational for the next 20 years, explains Peter Boje, who is looking forward to presenting the palette of the company's both new and well-known quality products at Rail CPH d. May 14.

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