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Immunization delivered two weeks ahead of time


Immunization delivered two weeks ahead of time

Aarhus will be home to Denmark's first light rail line in 2017, which will connect Aarhus, Grenaa, Odder and the in-between closer together. Rosenfelt & West Engineering A/S (RWE) has supplied 24 level crossings along with their subcontractor AURA and handed their share of the Odder-track two weeks ahead of time.

Rosenfelt & West Engineering A/S has been responsible for the immunization of 24 BUES 2000 level crossings at the light rail in Aarhus. An immunization is made in order to protect people and equipment from electrical shock from overhead lines.

RWE has reconstructed the cabins at the level crossings, so that they are immunized. Besides that, the cabins have been updated with new turn on/off systems and new technology in train tracking, which means that through loops on the rails, the level crossing recognizes incoming trains.

RWE has worked assiduously to develop a solution to the cabins and design and validate. During the process, RWE received orders for several new level crossings, one of which was very special in the sense that it covers 8 tracks in Aarhus center.

The last few weeks RWE's employees determinedly worked hard to finish the testing of the 15 level crossings for the Odder-track where 5 installations per week were tested. The result was that RWE could deliver their part of the Odder-track two weeks ahead of time. The good cooperation between Aarhus Light Rail, Aura and RWE has made it possible to deliver on time and the objective for the Grenaa-track is the same.

Mogens Olsen, project manager at RWE, explains: "At RWE we do everything possible to deliver the right quality and quantity at the right time - which has been successful in the cooperation with Aarhus Light Rail and Aura" and adds that with good and constructive work Rosenfelt & West Engineering A/S has managed to achieve its objectives on time so the people of Aarhus and others soon will benefit from Denmark's first light rail.

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