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Speed upgrade for Tølløsebanen between Høng and Ruds Vedby


Speed upgrade for Tølløsebanen between Høng and Ruds Vedby

In the past year, Rosenfelt & West Engineering has been in the field to upgrade the last level crossings on Tølløsebane, to make it possible to increase the speed on the route from 75 km/h up to 120 km/h and expects the work finished in late May.

The route from Tølløse to Ruds Vedby has already been upgraded in an earlier project. This time we have upgraded 11 level crossings on the stretch from Høng to Ruds Vedby. This means that the trains will now be able to drive 100-120 km/h on the entire length of Tølløsbanen. This will give the route shorter travel times and better travelplans.

The upgrade has included supplementing the level crossings with disorder-signals and level-crossing-signals, the turn-on-spots of the level crossings have been moved further away from the level crossings and closely spaced level crossings have been linked.

We would like say our thanks for a good and professional effort from Regiontog, from Banedanmark and from Elektrogården.


Train route from Høng to Ruds Vedby

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