Lighting Solutions

Lighting Solutions

Prismashield Elite     Haloprism   HMAO
g prismashield elite 13       haloprims2    HMAOLEDII HLP HMAO LED II PREFERRED ANGLE jpg

Prismashield Elite is designed for harsh surroundings such as train workshops, train stations and outdoor environments. The luminaire has a stylish yet robust design and is multifunctional.

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With superior light control and setting new standards for lumens output the Haloprism combines the newest technology. It is provided with highly-efficient multi-junction LEDs and highly durable prismatic glass optics creating amazing dynamics. It is designed and developed to deliver the highest level of LED lumens, longest lifetime and lowest maintenance costs.

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HMAO is particularly designed for high lighting areas e.g. Train depots, train stations and airport areas etc.
The luminaire has a lifetime of over 100000 hours and thereby perfect for installing in high-masts without requiring much attention for maintenance.
HMAO provides, depending on the project, between 31000-61000 lumens from up to 125 lumens per. Watt.

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 D-Serien      Widerlite™    Metrolux™
 D series      widerlite    metrolux

The D-series are designed with a modern and discrete look able to fit into its surroundings. Combining all of LED technologies greatest benefits, the D-series provide high performance, efficacy and long luminaire lifetime.
Thermal management is important for the lifetime of luminaires and the D-series have a highly performing thermal management system. The system enables the luminaires to deliver over 100000 hours of LED lifetime. The D-series have a wide range of combinations so they can fit to your specific project.

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Widerlite is designed to suit into area such as heavy duty industrial areas and tunnel applications. Widerlite is provided with a prismatic glass refractor to control the output of the light. The frame and body are die-cast aluminum guaranteeing the necessary durability for its typical applications.

A single-screw and hinge ensure easy access with minimal usage of tools for maintenance in tunnels.

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Metrolux is primarily designed for railway tunnel systems. Metrolux is suitable to safety messearues with its aluminum frame and body and prismatic glass refractor and can thereby be used for multiple applications.

The luminaire is provided with quick release door latches enabling quick maintenance and it is installed with a safety mechanism for tunnels making sure that the door does not swing open when a train passes by.

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CityMAX     Controlux Air   HOLOS3 Air
 CityMAX2      controluxairlogo 1    holos3 air 3

CityMax is a product that supplies total solution city lighting system with a modern and innovative design for every kind of city application.

CityMAX generates amazing city lighting levels for every cityproject – light or dim. CityMax has a flexible design fitting to your specific project with a wide range of lumen packages and mounthing options. All to provide your project with extra value.

CityMAX has a circular design with LED modules, providing the city area with a comfidable lighing and a discrete and elegant look in both daylight and at night.

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Outdoor lighting is so much more than just lighting today. Creating safety, convinience and communication with low costs – all this and more is supplied in Controlux Air.

Controlux Air is a software saving costs from 40% to 80% depending on the individual project. By using dunamic lighting, the lighting is adjusted to its surroundings and the necassary lumen levels. For instance, at night an area might be turned off, dimmed, or turned on by motion. These savings plus the reduced maintenance costs give a project a new dimension. Controlux sends out failure notifications to technicians with specific information, so expensive inspections are not necessary  or reduced severely and this expands the lifetime of the luminaires.

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HOLOS3 Air is a web-based, wireless, surveillance and control system for indoor lighting. This means that you can sit at the office yet with the use of your browser control all lighting activities in a storage facility, workshop, terminal, station or sports hall etc.

The system can control over 200 luminaires through a gateway and provides a wide range of control strategies, such as, dimming the lights in less trafficked areas, motion lighting and many other solutions.

The software is designed for simple usage with easy recognizable symbols and pictures.

The system provides savings of up to 40% without less or no need for human resources to operate.

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