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Supervision, validation, training and regulatory procedures.

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Photo: Jørgen Pagh Jensen

Rosenfelt & West Engineering A/S are specialists in signalling technology and level crossings.
We have specialised competencies within design, validation, prime contractor consultancy, project management, supervision of signalling systems and level crossing solutions.

We act as advisors and consultants within:

  • Supervision of work within interlocking facilities and transition installations
  • Technical support in design engineering of level crossings and signaling systems
  • Project managing within railway contracts
  • Support in railway safety projects, regulatory approval and CSM
  • Support in light rail projects, regulations including BoStrab
  • Validation of level crossings
  • Commissioning management and supervision
  • Security technical advice in level crossings, interlocking facilities and immunization
  • Specialised consulting in communication systems including GSM-R/TETRA
  • Specialised consulting in passages and information systems
  • Barrier systems for bridges etc.


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Rosenfelt & West Engineering A/S has been certified with ISO 9001 since 1995 and certified with ISO 14001 since 2018.

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