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E klokkesmall

The RWE Electronic Bell is a modern replacement for the old mechanical bell (Malmbell) and is suitable, where warning signals are needed to warn soft road users.

The sound is directional, sending the sound mainly in one direction in order to minimise disturbances to any neighbours. The figure below illustrates the difference between the two bells:


The red graph illustrates the sound directions from a mechanical bell, whilst the blue graph illustrates the electronic bell. The difference is significant.

The electronic bell is approved for level crossings as well as pedestrian crossings.

There is a built-in microphone, which measures the noise level around the e-clock so that the e-clock regulates its sound levels up or down depending on the surrounding environment. Thus, the e-clock interferes with the local area as little as possible in terms of residents and/or nature.

The electronic bell is suitable hearing-impaired people as the sound level is boosted between 800-1200Hz.

Very reduced weight compared to a traditional 20 kg bell type.

Safety Barrier

The RWE barrier is suitable for level crossings, airports, industrial areas, ports and other enclosed areas. The barrier does not break in collision, but falls off so that it can be reinstalled and at the same time detaining damage from the barrier and the barrier drive.

What is different from other barriers is that the barrier is fitted with two shear bolts, which at the desired moment break and the barrier drops to the ground. The barrier can be quickly reinstalled with two new shear bolts so that the traffic can be driven normally shortly after the accident. Reserve shear bolts can be stored on site.

Another advantage of the RWE barrier is that you, as a customer, can specify what power the shear bolts should yield at.

The barrier, manufactured in fiberglass, is delivered in lengths from 1-12 meters as required. Fiberglass has a long life and thus maintenance costs are low. Barrier lights can be fitted as required by drilling holes into the barrier - wiring is carried out internally in the barrier.


RWE Pole


RWE Pole is constructed so that the collision forces are absorbed in the pole, and to a lesser degree in the vehicle and thus the passenger. This increases the safety of the vehicle and passengers. The mast is approved in accordance with applicable EN standards in relation to yielding.

The pole is easily installed into the ground with a concrete-foot that ensures high stability for the pole. Cables are installed inside the pole and existing lanterns or signs can be reused if requested. In case of additional fittings, holes can be drilled in the pole at the location, thereby ensuring quick mounting without traffic disturbances. Universal fittings allow for installation of anything that may be desired.

RWE Pole is delivered as required in different dimensions. The dimensions are as follows: Ø66 mm, Ø110 mm, Ø140 mm and Ø166 mm. For extra strength, or to use smaller dimensions, steel reinforcements can be glued internally in RWE Pole in dimensions Ø110 mm, Ø140 mm and Ø166 mm.

RWE Pole is a cheaper alternative to previous types such as "3320" / "4420" / "4425" and "4412". Additionally, RWE Pole is quick to replace after impact both because it is assembled with very few parts and usually it is not necessary with digging.


More information about the RWE Pole here. 


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